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Roberto Quagliano
Roberto Quagliano
Founded at the beginning of the 90s, KAMEL FILM grew out of the experience of author, screen writer and director ROBERTO QUAGLIANO.

From the first the company earned a reputation for innovative products and new techniques. Kamel Film in fact launched video journalism in Italy with the ground breaking news programme 'Professione reporter' (now 'Report' on RAI3).

Kamel film has continued to work with both the RAI (the Italy state broadcaster) and Mediaset in the creation and realization of programmes which vary greatly in content and format, among them the reality television programmes 'L'ospedale in diretta' ('Hospital Live'), 'La scuola in diretta' ('School Live') and the documentary-soap 'In crociera' ('On a cruise') which were among the first programmes of their kind, not only in Italy but world wide.

However, the activities of Kamel Film are not limited to television: it has made full length feature films, among which 'L'alba di Luca' (2002) and 'Fratelli d'Italia' (2006) and has just produced three films for a cinematographic project for teenagers called 'Get Out'.